Thursday, November 29, 2007

Freixenet: The Key to Reserva

Just got this sent to me. This is absolutely brilliant work for a brand who supposedly isn't even that big. Anyway, watch it and let me know what you think. I reckon it's going to be a definite Cannes contender, maybe even D&AD.

Agency: JWT Barcelona (Spain)

Thanks to Marcos Drummond

Blockbuster: Christmas

Another Christmas ad, another good one. This one reminds me of how it is at home, a lot of people, a lot of confusion. Every year we seem to have more people joining us, one day we'll have to build an extension just to make the dinner table bigger. Anyway, this ad supposedly has 35 references to movies. Can you spot them all? Great work by DDB Toronto.


Agency: DDB Toronto (Canada)
Creatives: Shane Ogilvie, Joel Pylypiw
Production: Spy Films, Toronto (Canada)
Director: Jeff Labbe

Via: glossy/adgoodness

Coca-Cola: Beard

It's almost the 1st of December, pretty soon we'll be doing the Christmas decoration, so here goes the new Christmas Coca-Cola ad to help you get in the spirit. Some people say the ad is a bit clichet, but I like it.


Agency: Ogilvy Argentina
Production: Rebolucion, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Director: Armando Bo

Thanks to Inês Casola

Wieden+Kennedy seeking

This might just be your chance to have some fun while producing great work. I'll be giving it a shot myself.
Good luck guys.

What W+K say about seeking:
With only one ad running so far (THEME magazine, which came out 4 days ago), the site's already generated hundreds of submissions. More ads coming in BITCH, ALARM and GIANT ROBOT.

After people submit their profile, we request a 20 page pdf - which can be as much or as little like a traditional portfolio as they decide to make it.

We hope to get 1000+ pdfs that we narrow down to 50 or so. Then we'll invite those people in to meet. We may try to link them together in some sort of social network. Maybe we'll hire a few.

If you're interested, visit the link above.

Via: welcome to optimism

Nike: Beautiful Monster

This is the new Nike "Team Elite" campaign by w+k Portland.
The copy and photography are very good in the press versions, I however feel they aren't nearly as good as the TV ad. Beautifully directed, cool music, nice photography, it leaves you wanting to see more. Is there a longer version of this ad?


Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland (USA)
Creative Directors: Mike McCommon, Tyler Whisnand
Art Director: Aaron Allen
Copywriter: Ian Fairbrother
Studio Artists: Ken Berg, Aaron Lee
Studio Manager: Jeremy Jiracek
Retouching: Greg Radich, Peter Lindman, Kyle Pero
Photographer & Director: Anthony Mandler

Via: Wieden+Kennedy Studio

Lego: Kipper (old commercial)

I'm sure this ad would still win Cannes today. Great stop-motion advert, definitely a classic of advertising.

Agency: TBWA London (UK)
Creatives: Mike Cozens, Graham Watson
Production: Clearwater Films
Director: Ken Turner
Producer: David Mitten
Director of Photography: Tom Harrison
Editor: Patrick Udale

Thanks to Marcos Drummond

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bouygues Telecom: Creation of the list

Great advert by DDB Paris for Bouygues Telecom. Fun, well produced, with great details such as "papa portable" and "papa maison", the 2 Zs, and the unidentified number. Most definitely worth watching.


Agency: DDB Paris (France)

Thanks to Gustavo Azevedo

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Yesterday was World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Unfortunately this year, in Portugal alone, there were already 756 road accident related deaths. Maybe that's why they say we have the worst drivers in Europe. Anyway, this is the campaign we did at DraftFCB Lisbon. It consisted of posters and a guerrilla campaign, both of which you can see above. The poster reads "If you kill you won't forget", the crosses just say "World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. 18th November 2007".

Agency: DraftFCB Lisbon (Portugal)
Creative Director: Duarte Pinheiro de Melo
Art Directors: André Breda, César Nunes
Copywriters: Marcos Drummond, Sofia Vilanova
Photographer: Jarbas Teixeira Alves
Make-up artist: Erica Porru

Friday, November 16, 2007

The making of Brylcreem's Effortless tv ad

Brylcreem: Effortless

Agency: WCRS, London (UK)
Creatives: Oli Beal, Tori Flower
Production: Sonny London (UK)
Director: Fredrik Bond
Producer: Ran Holst
Editing: Marshall Street, London (UK)
Editor: Tim Thorton-Alan
Post-Production: The Mill, London (UK)
B Raymond & the Voicettes -
Old Man Marely

Beechams: Battle of Britain

Another proof pharmaceutical advertising doesn't have to be boring and full of scientific jargon. This isn't a magnificent ad but it is a fun everyday ad. Enough for me, if I had the choice, to choose Beechams.

Agency: Grey London (UK)
Production: The Mill, London (UK)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nike: LeBron V

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Tokyo (Japan)
Creatives: Driscoll, Hutch

Via: Wieden+Kennedy Studio

Gif Collectif

Project by Scott Thiessen

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The monkey went for a haircut

Another spoof of another ad, by now it's an advertising "category", spoof is the new swiss knife it seems. This said all the spoofs I've seen up till now have been very good. The male audience will gladly watch this one, I know I did.

Via: The AdBlog

Diesel: Liquid Space Experience

Diesel do it again. Another great looking website, however, because of the video content not low bandwidth friendly. I hope all you guys have broadband because it's definitely worth a look.


Philips Simplicity Event: Ambient Window

I want one of these. The video isn't very detailed, it really doesn't explain how it works. Is it limited to that pattern? Can you upload your own patterns? Anyway, you can see its pretty cool. It would be a great way of impressing clients coming to your agency for a meeting.

Thanks to Bruno Duarte

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Orange: Good Things Should Never End (Interactive TV Ad)

As amazing as the website is, this is the Interactive TV ad created by Weapon 7. Great stop-motion animation that takes you across a fantastic scenery with very cool details. It must of been great fun to build.

Via: Made in ENGLAND by Gentlemen

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dominoes: New World Record

Animation: Grant Orchard from Studio AKA, London (UK)

Lolly jane Blue: Worms

This is a video clip directed and produced by Sil van der Woerd. Great music and fantastic visuals. You can see some more of his amazing work on his website

Stella Artois: Le Passage

Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm, (Sweden), Lowe London (UK)
Production: Alphabetical Order, Stockholm (Sweden)

Via: glossy

Tescos: Christmas 2007

Looks like the Spice Girls are already cashing in again, 1 million pounds each, to be more precise. I'm not sure who did the ad. Was it Red Brick Road? Anyway, it's not a magnificent ad, still it's a nice everyday ad and in-keeping with the Christmas spirit. If anyone knows the credits, let me know.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Free Magenta

T-Mobile are in a legal fight against some Dutch brands because of the color Magenta, which according to them, they own the rights to use in commercial material. I claim letter A. It's mine no one can use it from now on. How stupid is this?

Via: swissmiss/Adverblog

Guinness: Tipping Point

Read more about the advert on CR Blog.


Agency - Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (London, UK)
Creatives - Angus MacAdam, Paul Jordan
Agency Producer - Carol Powell
Production - MJZ (Argentina)
Director - Nicolai Fuglsig
MJZ Executive Producer - Debbie Turner
MJZ Producer - Nell Jordan, Suza Horvat

Domino Experts - Weijers Domino Productions
Director of Photography - Ellen Kuras
Music - Spanish Dance No. 6 composed by Enrique Granados
Actors - The vast majority of the cast was from the local village and surrounding areas

Via: CR Blog

John Lewis: Shadows

Agency: Lowe London (UK)
Music: Aubade/Morning Serenade from Prokofiev's Rome and Juliet

Via: CR Blog

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Posh Crafts

These are some samples of the crafts done by my good friend Filipa, she's taken some time off copywriting to dedicate herself to other forms of art. Check her new blog posh crafts.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Orange: Unlimited Web Page

Check the website here ---> Good Things Should Never End

Developed by Poke London (UK)

Via: NOTCOT/Spoonbuzz

Penguin Books

Agency: Y&R Kuala Lumpur (Malasia)
Creative Directors: Edward Ong, Rowan Chanen, Tan Shen Guan
Art Directors: Tey Chi Keong, Licia Ng, Jeff Ooi
Copywriters: Edward Ong, Rowan Chanen

Via: The AdBlog

WWF: Get on Board Climate Change Campaign

This is a project as cool as it is important. WWF and Poke London want us to join forces with them to save the World. Basically we have to sign the online petition for the Climate Change bill, and our names will be featured on the giant paper plane or boat that will be taken through London to Parliament Square. Participate, it's for two very good causes, firstly and most important of course, you're helping save the planet. Secondly, it's a very cool project.

Via: It's Nice That

League of the blind: Blind Call

Via: AdHunt

Amigos do Monstro (Friends of the Monster)

This Sunday I went to Crafts & Design fair in Jardim da Estrela (Lisbon, Portugal), it's a modern crafts fair which in winter happens every first Sunday of the month. I advise anyone who has a chance to go and visit, it's a great place to buy presents for your other half, or yourself of course. Also with Christmas fast approaching its ideal to buy original gifts for your friends and family. In December the fair will take place on the first and second Sunday of the month. Anyway, here's some of the work by two artists you can find in one of the stands --->

These figurines are mostly made out of wood from cuttings of fruit trees in farms, so as the artists don't have to buy almost any material, they sell these fantastic figures very cheap, prices are in average between €10 and €20.

Sarah Ginn & Mandy Smith (featured on Creative Review's One To Watch)

Great interview with a new Wieden & Kennedy creative team. Definitely two to look out for in the future and great inspiration for any young agency creative. Read the interview here.

Via: CR Blog

Friday, November 02, 2007

2007 Boards Summit Sponsor Open

Created by Click3x, New York (USA)

Via: glossy

Do The Green Thing

About: Green Thing is a new community (32 days old today) that makes it easy and enjoyable to be a bit greener. Every month you’ll get a different Green Thing to do. All you have to do is do it.

Via: swissmiss

Yorn: flash mob

The card that they hold at the end of each mob reads, "The World needs the Yorns".


Agency: Brandia Central, Lisbon (Portugal)
Creative Director: Marco Dias
Planner: Nicolas Grassi
Art Director: Tiago Prandi
Production: Tangerina Azul, Lisbon (Portugal)
Directors: Sérgio Henriques, Paulo Henriques, Salomão Figueiredo, João Marques, Nuno Baltazar, Paulo Gonzalez, Nuno Noivo
Sound: Display

Via: O Nosso Portfólio