Friday, November 09, 2007

John Lewis: Shadows

Agency: Lowe London (UK)
Music: Aubade/Morning Serenade from Prokofiev's Rome and Juliet

Via: CR Blog


Anonymous said...

British artist duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster have been creating their shadow sculptures for over 10 years now. They have exhibited their work at The Royal Academy and the Saatchi Gallery to name but a few major cultural institutions. This ad campaign is an obvious, un-abashed creative rip-off of their work. Its sad to see their ideas being watered down and used for commercial pap. Not to mention John Lewis, Lowe London and Partizan getting all the credit for it. Creative theft by corporate entities should be a crime.

Advertising etc said...

Hi anonymous. I do like this ad, however I do agree with you. The artist that originally created the work/gimmick should always be credited. There is no need by Lowe, John Lewis, or any other company o rip off someones work, maybe in the full credits the artists appear referenced. I'll try and find out.

Anonymous said...

noble and webster aren't even original.
check out the work of shigeo fukuda that dates back to the 1960s.
check out the work of fred erdekens.\
check out the shadow puppeteers of the turn of the century.
what do noble and webster think they own?
fuck me they're good.
money for old rope if you ask me.

Advertising etc said...

I did go and check the artists that you mention, and you're absolutely right. I don't know who did the first one, but all of them have a "similar" approach. I still love the John Lewis ads, and bunnies from Bravia. I don't agree in anyway not mentioning sources or ripping someones work.
In some cases we have to accept ideas are not always unique, you can have ideas which someone has already had.
They say great minds think alike.
I'm sure there are people who "bootleg" others people work, but I prefer to believe most designers/creatives/artists/etc don't do it on purpose, or even know they did it.

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